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Because of some very limited award availability, my F travel on SQ lately has been limited to the SIN-SYD/MEL routes, with their still very excellent SkySuite product. Their staff are truly top-notch – the best, most friendly in the sky, and the quality of their food, beverage choices, and amenities is second to none.

I flew the 747-400 on these routes, and always managed to secure 1B, my favourite seat. It really is the most private seat in the world – at the very tip of the 747’s nose, it’s a single seat with windows on both sides. One crew told me it’s the favorite seat of Singapore’s Minister Mentor Lee Kwan Yew. The SkySuite is excellent for sleeping, and SQ’s Givenchy PJ’s make it that much cozier to do so!

The flight generally begins with your choice of either Dom or Krug. In this most recent case, it was 8 AM, so I had a green tea. Later in the flight, when I asked for some red wine, I noticed they opened a fresh bottle. None of the other 3 passengers where having any alcohol it seemed. When I asked about whether anyone had any Dom or Krug – the FA said no, but she really wanted me to let them open a bottle just for me. I couldn’t stand an entire bottle being wasted over the glass I wanted, so I declined. I was secretly hoping they would just offer me a bottle to go…

One of SQ’s unique experiences is the ability to pre-order a very specific meal through their “Book the Cook” program. On their web site, you can select from about a dozen main courses depending on the departure city. I usually go with the Lobster Thermador, which was especially tasty today out of Singapore, and the Lamb chops is also excellent, served perfectly with mint sauce.

This morning departure out of Sydney is great, because you have a full breakfast and lunch service. For breakfast, I was able to have eggs and also requested some Dim Sum if there was any left, and the crew happily obliged. I heard from another thread that if you request “Fruit Plate” for the breakfast, you’ll get an amazing fruit plate in addition to being offered the eggs, but I didn’t want to chance missing the eggs, and the fruit on offer is always quite good. I think I tasted about 5 of the teas from TWC, all of which were quite nice. For coffee fans, nothing beats the Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, but I was pretty exhausted from being up most of the night with friends, and wanted to enjoy the entire time between meals asleep.

Here’s breakfast:

Lunch time a few hours later:

The major area where SQ has some work to do is their on the ground service. There’s really no personal assistance at all – unless you pay for the airport’s JetQuay service. The lounges are OK – the new First lounge at T3 is stylish, but nothing is really special about them. Paying customers have access to “The Private Room” – a more personal (and higher quality, I’m assuming) dining space. I guess they figure that Changi Airport’s amenities are already so plentiful, and anyone wealthy enough would use JetQuay all the time, they don’t need to provide anything special?

Special Experience: Book the Cook for your exact choice of meal!

Seat Comfort: 19/20
Amenities (Onboard): 10/10
Amenities (Lounge): 7/10
Staff/Assistance (Onboard): 11/10
Staff/Assistance (Airport): 6/10
Catering (Onboard): 9/10
Catering (Lounge): 8/10
Overall: 70/80 (88%)

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  1. AA_EXP09
    18. May, 2012 at 12:00 am #

    How did you get AA plate for a SQ ticket?
    (001 ticket number)

    • Luxury Travel Guy
      19. May, 2012 at 11:41 pm #

      It’s actually AC stock (0014) 🙂

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